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Twisty Brothel Engine Demo

2009-06-22 17:01:06 by Mechanus

It's been a full month since the last post about Twisty Brothel, so here's an update. I've been working on the engine and it's now in a state where I can release a playable demo. This is a demo only of the engine. The area in it is not taken from a playable level, and the graphics are not those that will be in the game. It is a demonstration of the engine only. Currently I am working on adding enemies and animated objects. With some luck, a demo with one or both of those will be available Friday.

Play the Twisty Brothel Engine Demo.

Power of Three Game : Twisty Brothel

2009-05-22 11:33:51 by Mechanus

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in this summer's Power of 3 event, as part of the team "Wench in the Works". Our musician is LokiClock, dusted-brain (a.k.a. SillyPuttyClock) is doing the art, and I am the programmer. I'd like to take a minute to introduce you all to our masterpiece-in-the-making, Twisty Brothel.

In this game, Clocktopia's leader, GacClock, has been overthrown by a nefarious impostor. This impostor has built a terrible device that is making Clocktopia literally disappear from the edges inward. In addition, he sends out his minions to make things even worse. The hero CannedFruitClock is heading to the brothel to protect his favorite tranny whore from this madness, when he finds the place in ruin and is set on the adventure of a lifetime.

Twisty Brothel is a combination action platformer/puzzle game. You can expect to see the traditional style of platformer puzzles, where the player does things within the platform game environment to complete the puzzle, but it will also have puzzles that take place outside of the platform world, like minigames.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see some tech demos demonstrating the engine as it progresses, or at least some screenshots. Make sure to keep an eye on LokiClock's and SillyPuttyClock's pages, in case they decide to share some information on the game, too. Most of the game's design is already done, but if you have any ideas for puzzles that you like, feel free to share them. I can't promise that any of them will be used, but getting some input never hurts.